Reconditioning Sevices

We offer a wide range of reconditioning services that can save you big money in the long run. Rather than selling your used equipment, or even scrapping the metal for a big loss, you can have that equipment reconditioned to look and run decades younger. Our affiliates are located in the Midwest making it easy to ship your equipment to and from any location in North America.

Our reconditioning specialists are the men and women that get the hard work done the right way the first time. These are the hardest working men and women who in their spare time build race cars, refurbish classic automobiles, work construction, construct buildings, and run auto repair shops. Often times machines are completely disassembled and put back together to find ANY issues with any parts of the machine. The machines are then painted to look as good as they run.

If you are interested in refurbishing some of your equipment contact us today!